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Electrus recently implemented a $1.00 fee to offset the cost of mailing paper statements. You can avoid a paper statement fee by using EZ Statements. They're faster, safer, and free of charge. Go green today!
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Electrus Federal Credit Union is following all the breaking news regarding the massive Equifax data breach. We'd like to remind you that member safety comes first at Electrus Credit Union.
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In Case of Theft...

To report a lost or stolen Electrus VISA Credit Card, call 1-800-449-7728 anytime day or night. To report a lost or stolen Check card, call 1-866-820-8774.

Electrus will NEVER e-mail or phone you requesting that you verify information we already have on file. It is important to NEVER give any credit card, financial institution, or social security information to anyone who has contacted you over the telephone or internet. If this happens you should get in touch with that company using your normal contacts.

Whether phone, email, or text message...it's probably a scam. If you have any concerns about a communication from your credit union, please call us directly at 763-569-4000 or (toll-free) 800-252-4239. Find out more.